May Your 2013 Be Crafty

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful evening and a great start of the new year. I actually managed to sleep until about 1pm and the most constructive thing I have done today is to take down the Christmas tree. Let's hope that's not the standard of the new year hihi!

For a change I actually have a ton of resolutions for this year and even more projects planned. Some of my rather long-term projects are to be finished this year. In the mean time I am also hoping to finish some instant-gratification creations as spending months on a project is fun but the result takes forever... It is a little demotivating sometimes really. 

Except for the quilt (latest pictures will follow this weekend I hope), I have two projects that I MUST finish this year. One of them is of course my Halloween cross stitch. I'm getting quite far with it actually, have nearly managed one part of the never-ending tree... 

I still have a lot to do of course, but it's getting there :)

Another project is my mending bag. It's a bag I have standing around containing clothes that need mending of some sorts. I have some lovely things in there and for some reason I never get around to it. I'll be posting a mending week soon to actually show you some of the cool items I have in here just waiting to be worked on!

Tomorrow I'm meeting my sewing group for our first 2013 meeting and we actually have a theme this time: learn a new craft for 2013. In my case it will be a new project (another one!), I am going to knit a bobble scarf with this gorgeous purple bobble wool I bought last March. As my knitting still needs improving I think it will count as a new craft :) I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Have a great year, lots of craftiness above all, and looking forward to a great blogging year!


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