Romantic Trip to Paris

Good morning everyone!
Time is flying at the moment and work and life are both extremely busy. But that does not stop the crafting :) I'm having a huge themed February planned so a lot of stuff will be posted then. Makes me look a tad lazy in January though hihi... This post is actually about our first trip in the new year, can you believe that after a looooong time of hinting, the bf took me on a romantic trip to Paris? It was lovely :) And COLD! When we planned this, the weather was cold but nice. Of course once we got there it got REALLY cold and it even snowed! The Parisians we spoke to ensured us that in Paris the snow never stays. Boy were they wrong... But it was quite magical really, plus I got to visit a few places I never managed to see before:

As you may know, I love movie locations and I always wanted to visit the Louvre, so the first thing on the list was that. It was a weekday still, so not too crowded. Check me out, I saw the two pyramids (Da Vinci Code)! 
First stop on the list inside the museum: the Venus di Milo! I've seen this on tv so many times (mostly in Disney's Hercules actually lol) and there it was :) 

It was a little crowded and for some reason there was this moment when no one else was around me so I could have this picture showing only the Monal Lisa and me hihi. It's really small actually but still impressive that I've fnally seen it :) I can't comment on the 'eyes following you around' bit coz it was really quite far... 

The ceiling in one of the rooms, the decoration in there was quite amazing!

The Winged Victory of Samothrace, I LOVE this statue. I took so many pictures! 

There was more to see, but I didn't want to spend the entire day inside the museum and my guidebook had about 7 things they classed as a 'must see', but three were closed to the public due to refurbishment and airco problems, and one I just couldn't find, so we left the museum and went outside into the cold. Of course we had to sneak a piccie in of the outside pyramid as well :)
It was the bf's first touristy visit to France so we did a few of the very touristy things (that were indoors coz it was freezing!), and I brought him along to Notre Dame. I love this church (Disney again!), it's really pretty. These are the 'eyes of Notre Dame' as sung by the preacher in the Hunchback of Notre Dame :)

The inside is of course always impressive. 

As we made our way back to the hotel, it started snowing. And not just a little bit!

On the way back we walked past the Museum of Natural History, which had this mammoth outside covered in snow. Makes it look more real in a way ;)

The next morning, this is what Paris looked like. Covered in a thick blanket of snow, with lots of outdoorsy stuff closed. No cemetery visit for us (the Pere Lachaise was closed much to my disappointment) so we just have to go back when it's warmer for that one.

Yes it was this cold... 

Sacre Coeur is always gorgeous, but in the snow it really blended it. We even went inside this time to escape the cold. Although we did take the touristy chairlift to get up the stairs hihi...

After a long walk, a quick trip by Moulin Rouge to take the obligatory picture, we somehow ended up in Parc Monceau, which was actually open and completely white. It was lovely :)

One last thing on my list to visit was Versailles. I have seen so many movies with this and never managed to make it here, so this was my chance. The lady at the train station told us it was closed due to the snow, but we called them and the palace was open but everything else was closed. Shame really but with the gardens snowed under there wasn't a lot to see in them anyway. The palace, however, was very impressive. I'm so glad we went! And yes, I love this picture LOL

The first thing you see is the chapel. This is a BIG chapel...

I took a ton of pictures, but this room is the Room of the King. Not very cozy but quite impressive.

The Hall of Mirrors! There is a French movie called Le Roi Danse and there is a big scene filmed here. I was so happy to finally see it!

This the Room of the Queen, allegedly where Marie Antoinette gave birth to her children. Still not very cozy really, I can understand why she had the little hamlet built in the gardens!

After a lovely dinner in a tiny restaurant with a fireplace, we went back to the hotel to leave the next day. The Eurostar was cancelling quite a few trains but we managed to get back ok before it got worse. And 3 hours on the train meant much progress on the cross stitch! But most of all, it was a lovely and romantic weekend :)


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