Disney's Frozen Running Outfit

Hi everyone and (better late than never) Happy New Year!
I hope you all had a great and end of 2014 and a spectacular beginning of 2015 :) Mine didn't start with a bang but it's slowly improving. The first projects are done and I'm very excited about what they are. I waited so long to post anything on here, because my first blog entry this year just had to be my new running outfit (yes another one!) for the Winter Run on 1 February. I nearly forgot to make this actually because I made this so many times in my head, and a couple of weeks ago I realised that I only had less than a month left so I'd better get started!

The Winter Run is a new 10K race organised by the Cancer Research charity and their main colour is blue. Mmmm, a race in blue and in the cold? What better running outfit to make than Elsa?! It was kind of a no-brainer really. So after tons of research and practicality checks, I came up with this outfit. It's basically the same running skirt as I've used as Cinderella for the Race for Life in July and all the Christmas runs, and I will actually post a tutorial about this soon :) I'm really excited about this, so even if I'm injured at the moment (yes, again...) I will participate even if I have to walk it.

Don't you just love it? I'm so pleased with how it came out! Let me show you some of the details.

The skirt was the main part. Once I had that, the rest was easy. I have already taken the photos for the tutorial but an interesting difference between this one and the other two is that I used two ribbons on the bottom. I found this blue glitter snowflake wired ribbon in the card shop for only 99p for 3 meters, bargain! Combined with a super wide ribbon I still had in my stash, it just looks perfectly icy!

Another big challenge was Elsa's cloak. I had just the right amount of white shimmery organza fabric in my stash. BUT I also had the right amount of blue organza fabric in my stash. A lot of research later (watched youtube videos, the movie, Disney merchandise, you name it) I discovered that there is no 100% clear answer. I mean, if even Disney sells dolls with either blue or white cloaks, what to do? So I checked on Facebook and asked all my friends with kids. OMG even the kids had different opinions! One of the people in a costume group on FB just suggested to take whatever worked best. Good advice! So I tried both and of course (duh!) white organza over blue looks like light blue so we had a winner. And the fact that the white had the shimmer to it just really left the blue one just miles behind.

I got the iron-on snowflakes for Christmas. The prices varied enormously, but the bf managed to find a good deal. I spent hours trying to glue rhinestones on the top so these iron-ons were a breath of fresh air, and so easy! Plus I just love the result.

I hemmed the organza with a normal zigzag stitch, nothing fancy. I was considering using light blue thread instead of white, but I don't think it would have mattered too much. I thought I had some sequined ribbon left in ice blue but sadly not so this will just have to do. 

And this is the back with the cloak. The light was really bad when I took this, but you kind of get the idea. I just hope I wont look like Superman when I run, but then again it doesn't look like I'll be going very fast ;)

The hat was also on my wishlist for Christmas and the bf kindly obliged. I really don't like blue but this project really made me appreciate it more. I used some of the iron-on rhinestones to iron the snowflakes onto the hat, and added a ribbon as it was slightly too long. In hindsight, the smaller snowflakes would have worked better on the hat, but done is done and in daylight it will hopefully look all shiny and sparkly. 

 I bought a tanktop from Primark for £1.80 and glued lots of rhinestones on that. I didn't glue them all over the front as I'll be wearing a running number anyway, so I stopped at about half way to leave room for that. The rhinestones were given to me by someone who didn't want them anymore so I'm glad they got a good use. You know how all the websites say not to use superglue when gluing on rhinestones? Well, don't be stubborn and trust the websites! I didn't have time to go to the craft shop and buy E6000 or something and I used an all purpose heavy duty glue which I thought would work and I'm trailing rhinestones now. As long as it holds for at least one picture at the event I'm happy!

I could take so many more pictures but this shows you the main part separately. I used a normal white longsleeved top that I still had in my closet as the base and added the tanktop over it. I got some legwarmers on ebay for around £1.50 and added more rhinestones. And then the skirt of course. I also bought some blue running pants from Sports Direct for £7, sales are great and at least now it all matches. Also not in the picture are a set of blue/grey gloves from the 99p Store. I know Elsa doesn't have a hat or gloves, but it is London and it will be cold so some heat will be much needed.

And that is it! My lovely first officially posted creation of 2015: The Frozen Running outfit. I'm so pleased with it and am really looking forward to the run (or possibly walk). I'll keep you posted on how I did!
On second thought, I could have just named it the Elsa running outfit but that may have been confusing as I've seen lots of those that had her pre-transformation dress. So even though we don't have a Disney Run in Europe, and I really hope that one day we will, I actually made a Frozen dress to run in *squeel!*

For the photos I used the bf's big camera. I'm at work during the day and it's still winter so daylight pics needs to be well planned and for some reason I just didn't manage! So I took the pics with the big camera, then emailed them to myself and opened them on my phone with Picstitch and applied a colour filter (Dean) to make the blue pop more. That way I could get the right colour that normal daylight would show as well rather than the yellowy blue that I got from using normal lamps.

As always, I do have to push my Justgiving page, mostly because so far I have raised exactly ZERO money. But then again, I just wanted to do this and any donations I get are a bonus. But it never hurts to share the link again, right? ;) I hope you love this outfit as much I do! Let it go.... Let it goooo!!!

UPDATE: The tutorial for the skirt is now live. Just click here.


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