Baby Girl Presents - Itty Bitty Tag Blanket

I'm baaack!
The whole reason why I wanted to make this particular item was because of the name. I mean, 'itty bitty tag blanket' just sounds so amazingly cute :) I've seen these in blogland for a while but never really knew if this would be a thing and if it would be used. But I've asked around and apparently they're great. With my enormous ribbon stash (I just love buying ribbon), it was the perfect project :) The pattern came from here, it's an excellent tutorial with how-to pictures and everything.

This project was great fun to make, most of all because I didn't have to make it three times like the booties ;)

 I have a rather large collection of ribbon and I finally got a chance to go wild. After all I've read, the more different designs and ribbon widths the better for the baby. I only used grosgrain ribbon as they're much more durable than satin ones. On this side I used light pink with grey polka dots, funny owls, and a plain dark purple.

Another side has blue/green/yellow stripes, yellow with pink polka dots, and plain teal.

The third side has green with bit polka dots, purple with white bunnies, and plain yellow.

The fourth and final side has plain lavender (sadly the ribbon moved slightly here but it was already sewn up really tight so I couldn't ifx this anymore), yellow with owls and flowers, and blue with white stars.

One other tiny mistake that I noticed way too late was that I put the blue ribbon with the white stars the wrong way around so the stars were on the inside. But maybe that will challenge baby, who knows ;)

For the actual cotton side of the blanket, I used this cute colourful print. You may recognise from my ironing board cover I made years ago. It's just so clearly perfect for this project. You might notice (and I hope you will) that each side has one plain ribbon and two with print, I wanted to have a balanced design.

For the fleece backing I used the cupcake fleece again to stay within the cupcake theme. I used this fleece as well to line the booties with so it's recurring :) And yes, this is the same fleece as I used in my Quilted Cupcake Fleece Blanket. I had another huge piece leftover so this is the perfect use for it.

Even with the two tiny mistake, I love this blanket. I really hope the baby will too!

Three presents and counting but not to worry, we are nearly done with the baby thing. Mostly because I'm running out of time! This sure turned into 'Baby Week' LOL. Maybe I should have called it that ;)


  1. I would love to know how a ribbon baby blanket is used. The ribbons aren't there for hanging the blanket up, are they?
    I had never heard of them. What do you do with the loops?


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