Baby Girl Presents - The Presentation (Onesie Cupcake Wrapping)

Now that all the present are finished it's time for the big presentation!

 I found this fantastic tutorial on Pinterest (I used that a lot during the making of all these items, it's just so handy!) The tutorial shows you how to make onesies look like cupcakes, which with the whole cupcake theme I've got going on here really makes sense.

I can also finally show the whole lot together. I'm quite proud of this lot actually, especially since I had a few issues along the way. They came out really great :)

The only thing is that I couldn't find a cupcake box (and I went to so many different stores) so I used individual cupcake boxes which also had a certain charm.

So first I wrapped the onesie into a cupcake using either a shoe or a mitten as the 'cherry'. This took a few tries as you need to roll it so the folded bit is on the bottom. To get the swirly effect you need the bits showing that are 'piled' together so to speak. If you check the tutorial it makes more sense. Then I added a cupcake wrapper for the finish. I didn't use the large decorative ones they have in the tutorial as they're hard to find and really pricey here. This worked just fine.

I had several designs of individual cupcake boxes which was actually nicer than the big box and now my boss got to unwrap lots of things rather than just one.

This is what it looked like from the inside. Clearly some of the onesie-rolling worked better than others ;)

Each box had a little window to see through as well. The one on the bottom right is the best one I think. I only had three onesies, and I used the tag blanket for the last box. Which was kind of the main reason I made it as well as I needed a fourth item.

Once again lined up, this whole project was just so cute! Yes it caused some blood, sweat, and tears, but it was all worth it. :)

Before I had the chance to blog about this, we actually had the baby shower already. Remember how I said I was stressed for time? Well, with good reason! The presents were given and I think my boss was really impressed and she really liked the presents. Maybe I will even get a piccie that she allows me to share. If she does I will post it here of course.

Just one last look at all the presents I made before this project comes to an end.Yes, they are really very cute :)

Honestly, I so need a holiday now... I still have a ton of projects to finish, especially with my new February theme coming up but I just need a tiny break for now. I might post a recipe or so this week instead hihi...

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