Baby Girl Presents - Very Girly Onesies

Hi everyone!
It's been a while since I made any baby things actually. I didn't realise until I just looked at my 'creations' folder LOL. My boss is 8 months pregnant with a baby girl, and of course I had to make her some cute items for her baby shower. It turned out I made quite a few things so you'll be seeing a few posts on this ;) First up: onesies! I just love making onesies, I buy some in the colour I need (pink in this case) and sew on appliques. I went onto our good friend Pinterest to find some designs and I did find some lovely ones :)

Check out the great results!

For the last few months, though, my sewing machine has been really annoying with the tension settings. They were just on and off, and no matter what I did I couldn't get the bottom tension to work right. When making the onesies, the above was the result. Do you see the thread clearly running through the stitching? Cut that and the whole thing comes apart. So, I once again read through the threading instructions and it said 'thread here until you hear a click'. Click? What click? Honestly, total user error... so I re-threaded everything yet again (with click this time) and presto! All is working again :) So I unpicked everything, and resewed it properly. It was after all a gift, and gifts need to be done properly.

It looks so much better now! I got this pattern here, templates are provided and the result is just too cute :) I added the button as I just thought that something was missing, I really think it works.

I found the heart applique idea here. Since I was on the cupcake trail, I thought I'd make it into a theme. I just cut out little hearts out of some purple cupcake fabric and sewed them on. I purposefully put the one with the pink cupcake liner in the middle and the ones with the pink icing on the sides.

This one is my favourite! I am actually thinking of making this into a t-shirt for myself, yes that is how cool I think it is :) I found the design here, it doesn't have templates but the instructions are really easy to follow. As the onesies were pink, the colour scheme was a little tricky, but I think the burgundy ribbon really works.

 So part one of the present was done, the onesies. I'm really pleased with how everything came out :) 

I made some other things as well but more on that later. This turned into a rather large project, hihi. So watch this space!


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