Baby Girl Presents - Goldilocks Booties

Hello again :)
The bf actually came up with this title as these booties were driving me up the wall, I kid you not. I found a pattern on Pinterest. It only had pictures and not the original source so after some digging, I found the original tutorial, which was in Russian. As I don't speak Russian, Google Translate came to the rescue, it's so handy you can just tell it to translate the entire website! Anyway, I got the (somewhat incorrect) English version, and the proper pattern and instructions, and got started. I used red fleece for the outside, and cupcake fleece for the lining.

You can probably see why we are calling these the Goldilocks booties now ;)

As you may have guessed, the pattern was way too small. Not having any kids myself, I have no idea how small a baby's foot it and I really thought they were ok until they were completely done. The soles of these booties were about 5cm long. I actually had to Google the size of a baby's foot which is around 7cm so this would never fit!

Second try, a little bigger. The pattern actually said that seam allowance was not included so I had to do it again. I added about 5mm to the pattern and redid it. New sole size: 6cm. Argh! Again too small...

I only had enough fabric left for one pair so I added extra sizing to the pattern to make sure that were not too small, possibly even too big. The above was the result. New sole size: 7cm. Score!

I used different ribbons on all the booties to be able to keep them apart (like the sizing wouldn't help!) and I noticed that in the last and finally correctly sized booties I used a ribbon which only had print on one side and one of the booties had it the wrong way around! But by that time I had made 3 pairs of booties so it was just going to have to do.

Now, of course, it's completely obvious that the first pair was that tiny!

So when the bf said 'oh no, this pair is too small, this pair is too big, this pair is just right' I just knew these would be the Goldilocks booties. Even though there is technically no 'too big' pair, I thought it was really funny.

The large ones were added to the pile of presents, here you can even see a sneak peek of the other things I made. 

After getting some additional grey hairs about these booties, I quickly had to move on the next item in the present pile as time was running out. The idea was to do this over Christmas and for some reason I just didn't manage so now I had to really hurry up!


  1. What a funny story! Love the little booties - I don't often make clothes myself because they have to fit someone! Bags can turn out bigger or smaller than expected and it doesn't really matter! Anyway - the other booties would make cute Christmas ornaments on the tree I think! :)
    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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