Running - Starfish Foundation Breakfast Run & Picnic 5K 2015

Hi again everyone!
You're reading this at the same as I'm running my first ever half marathon... Yes, am pre-blogging this one, a post about a run during a run, feels a little like Dr Who hihi ;) To be honest, I'm very worried about this half marathon, but let's not dwell on it too much and tell you all about my 5K from a couple of weeks ago.

It was freezing outside! But I went and I finished, whoohoo!

Remember the skirt I made especially?

I arrived in style of course :) I look rather enormous here as I'm wearing 2 tanktops, 2 thermals, a windbreaker, and the event tshirt. But at least I was warm, sortof... 

I couldn't resist taking a piccie of the warmup. I was quite in the front so that made sneaking out really easy. We were all quite glad of the warmup as it was horribly cold. On top of that, my phone would die at the start line and decide to work again at the finish. How annoying! So 5K without music or app...

BUT I had a really good time! That's me there, think you can find my time? Hihi... it was 30mins 45 secs. I found the stats of my second run the other day, I didnt have an app for the first so have no idea what the time was, but the 2nd one was over 37 mins. Yes it's two years later, but I'm slowly reaching my goal of 30 mins :)

Quick piccie with the medal, it's tradition! Somehow the thumbs up always goes with this too ;) It was too cold to actually have the picnic there, so I took everything home with me.

Best goodie bag ever! The croissant is not in the piccie as I ate that along the way, but there was also dried mango, raisins, water, fruit water, cereal bar, banana, Popchips (I tried to find the baggie with my fav flavour but couldn't find one), small box of cereal, and a box of tea.

I was really glad I did this, as it was great fun! I now also know that I hate running when it's this cold and that my knee is far from happy with it. But I did put down a great time and even sprinted the last few meters which is a first for me. Fingers crossed for the half marathon then.... *really nervous* It;s going to be in Hampton Court Palace which is my favourite palace with amazing castle grounds so at least I can enjoy the scenery :) I'll post about it asap!


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