Tourist Tuesday - Birthday Weekend in Cambridge

Good morning everyone!
It's been a while... There is so much to do at the moment, and not a lot of time to actually write about it! It was my birthday on Saturday and I thought this was a great time to pick up blogging again, I have so much to tell you :) Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start... LOL well actually we'll start at the end but who's counting right?

It was my birthday weekend!

The bf took me to Cambridge for a lovely weekend. I always wanted to visit Cambridge as I'd heard it was really beautiful, and I finally got to go :)

He'd organised to have flowers in the room of the hotel when we arrived... 

And champagne with chocolate covered strawberries, so wonderful! The bath tub was actually in the room, we're not having this celebration in the bathroom ;) 

At dinner they brought this lovely plate over as well.

On the Sunday we went sightseeing, this is King's College. We could go in, but I was more up for seeing the rest of the town.

Obligatory tourist piccie (yes, it's March 22nd and I'm wearing a woollen beanie!) with Trinity College in the background. 

 The architecture was just amazing!

Yet another college, they have so many... 

When we came across this sweet shop I just had to get in the picture the big lollipop hihi.

The Round Church

The canal, you can go 'punting' here, a bit like Venice where the sail you around in this gondola-type little boat. It was cold so we just walked the path next to it.

Look at all the daffodils! It's definitely sping! Or at least supposed to be... *pulls beanie on tighter*

I had a wonderful birthday, very relaxed which is what you need at my age ;) No but seriously, it was great!


  1. Sounds like a great birthday! Cambridge is a beautiful place, we spent a summer there and loved every minute of it!


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