Starfish Running Skirt

Good evening everyone! (or morning, depending on when you read this)
Remember the starfish fabric I found? So.... I signed up for the Starfish Foundation 5K Run & Picnic which was a couple of weeks ago (yes am way behind on blogging). I actually found a voucher where I could sign up for £8, that's really good for a race. And they would provide picnic? Yes please! Of course I had to run in style, but finding starfish fabric is easier said than done. Printed fabric is few and far between here, at least the fun ones. Enter the sewing show, and what do I find? Starfish fabric! Well, actually fabric with sea creatures but it was close enough to be rather perfect :)

I'd bought on overlocker (and I haven't blogged about it yet!!) just before New Year's and actually only got to use it now. I made this skirt with it :) Well, not the sewing together part, but I just overlocked all the edges to stop the fraying, it was so quick!

I used the same pattern as I did for the other running skirts, after all I know this one works :) I used a burgundy fabric for the lining that I still had lying around (with white overlocked stitching but who cares!) The skirt came out really cute!

Now I was all set for the run, only the weather needed to improve. Race details to follow!


  1. I love this skirt! The fabric is so awesome! I would love to hear about your overlocker. Don't have one but maybe someday...!


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