Elf Fantasy Fair 2010 - Arcen

Hello again everyone!
It has been a while but I had a busy week and have finally managed to sort out most of the photos and events. It was that time again, the Elf Fantasy Fair was on, and with family this time. The Fair used to be only in Haarzuilens until last year they decided to hold the event in Arcen as well which would attract some border folk too. Lucky for my sister who lives about half an hour's drive from there and can now join me once a year with her kids for a wonderful fantasy event :)

As you can guess, the steampunk dress finally got worn and pictures were made. Personally, I think we attracted that many photographers because the bf looks AMAZING and I just kind of complimented him a little. In hindsight the dress was a tad boring but at least it was comfortable and I had fun. I actually asked one of the people I know via Facebook who is in a steampunk band what he thought and he absolutely hated the fabric, he said it was too shiney. But as it is my frugal year, I had to use what I had and this was it. All in all it was quite good. At least I looked cute in my "Shirley Temple curls" as one of my other friends called them. So are you curious yet? Ok then, here are some pics of the day. I need to pic some nice ones now... I think I will make a separate post with some professional pics like I did last time, that way the photographers wont be disappointed :) So enjoy, I hope you like them!

This is us, the steampunk couple! Simple and without too much eh... whats the word... eh... oomph is the only I can come up... but you know what I mean. But I still think we look cute :) Dont you just love the bf's glasses? They're based on a comic book and can really give you a headache... I dont know as I cant see out of one eye properly anyway but apparently the purple flower in the gardens looked a little psychedelic...

The bf on safari ;) Hahaha

There was this fantastic archway (where people kept walking so we had to wait a bit) and I just love this picture... It really shows off the outfit :)

Of course one with the bf also, although is a very happy one. I was just so pleased with everything. The outfit looked good, it was comfy, the bf looked amazing... *very much in-love swooning sigh* Yes am being totally cheesy but he came with me to this and he normally doesnt so this is great :)

This guy was a merman (obviously) and he was in the water all day long. He looked cool though :)

The people watching are some friends I see every year at the EFF. It's really funny as they had no idea I took this :)

Of course we had to get some pretty pictures in to :) My friend was a vampire as her dad is a dentist and made her these killer vampire teeth.

But staying serious (and especially looking scared in my case) was really difficult and we had a great laugh posing :)

Some of the stalls were decorated really nicely also

Every year we meet this woman, who must work somewhere where they make police stuff out of police fabric as she has police dresses each year, or the AA (roadside assistance) or something. Well, it sure is original. Luckily she didnt have a siren LOL

Some friends from our EFF forum that we also met. Lovely people and very pro make-your-own-costume. Excellent tips were exchanged of course (while the bf happily snapped away)

My anual picture with Flinty, sorry: Captain Flint of Flint's Buccaneers who join EFF every year. This year he was crowned king so he was super busy and we only just got this picture in. :)

Shades Nosferatu was there again as well with his uebercool steampunk creations and special glasses for any steam or goth occassion

Great pic of the bf in the mirror

Another wonderful dress, the skirt on this was amazing as well but I just love this pic :)

Some Nazgul were there too

As well as lovely cuddly creatures

Lunch seen through the bf's left eye ;)

We were stopped many time by photographers, and as I know some of them from previous fairs, they took the time to do a little shoot (total ego boost, yay!). Here is one of them fixing the wig before the shoot. It's hilarious, I love it!

I just had to photograph this mother and child. It was just so cute!!!

Look at it, adorable! The bf made a funny comment about how its (sorry, dont know ifis his or her) mother would show this picture to the future bf/gf and it would be totally embarrassing *grin*. Nah, am sure it will be cute even then!

My sister dressed up as well for the occassion :) Months and months of searching for the perfect dress... it wasnt easy... and no, I didnt make it for her as she is way too choosy and needs some time to fnd what she wants. Plus, I have no time!!!

I just loved how they were sitting there, happily chatting away, like totally in a different world :) We joined them of course for a long time until we had to go. This is actually the last picture of the weekend. A nice closure. :)

It was fun! I'll post some more later though as there was just so much to see!! However, I havent done anything and I had so much planned... the gift exchange is still not entirely finished and I really must finish it... this could be a late night... But now I'm back and will post much more! Yay!


  1. This looks like a blast! The kids are in to steampunk, and we also do the Renaissance Festivals. Any excuse for a little fantasy!

    Your dress is hardly boring, you look stunning.

  2. I love cosplay/steam punk, your costumes are gorgeous!

  3. Oh my goodness...this looks like so much fun!!! I love the dresses!! I bet it was fun to get dressed up like this!


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