Thrift Shopping Saturday

Hi all!

After weeks, no months, of waiting, my local thrift shop chain finally had their £1 week :) They do this every 3 months or so, they have a month-long sale where the first week everything is £4, the next £3, and so on. I usually try the £2 weeks as I always tend to miss the next one, but this time I made it :) Check out what I bought:

This was the first item I found, a sparklt white bolero type jacket. It will go perfectly with the bridesmaid's dress I bought in the same store for only £2. After some pimping of course... Cost of this item: £1.

I havent actually tried this mini dress on yet but I bought it mainly for the fabric as it is too cute :) And for only £1, it doesnt matter if it fits or not!

This is sort of a babydoll top. It's funny how even from charity I buy things from my favourite brand (which is this really cheapo brand from a super cheap shop). I'm not sure if I will keep it the way it is, I might just change the whole thing. Once again, I liked the fabric...

I wasnt sure about this in the beginning with the sparkle top bit but the colour is amazing! It's a Diesel top (who cares right?) and I thought for a fancy-ish night out this has potential. Also £1 of course :)

This I definitely bought for the material only. It is way too small for me but gingham is expensive and there is no way I could ever get this amount of gingham for £1, let alone in purple.

Finally, I found a knit! The whole point was to find knitwear, but there was only a little bit there and what they had was either broken beyond repair, ugly colours, or plain ugly. But here I found one, and of course, £1!

When I saw this, I didnt even blink. I didnt even try it on! But it is so cute!!! Even if it doesnt fit I will do something with it. On the other hand, it is my size so why would it not fit? And also, £1 :)

This one looks a bit old spinster-y but it doesnt look too bad on a person. I just loved the colour :) £1 of course :)

I also found this comfy sweater. I will take off the thing in front and will replace it with something else. Maybe something Halloweeny? You guessed it, £1

These two were a last minute decision. They will be completely changed into something else, more details will follow :) £1 each also.

I sooo wasnt sure about this one... I mean, it's PINK! There was so much pink in the shops that it was scary. Either pink is totally out of fashion and everyone is getting rid of their stock, or the universe wants me to wear more pink. As you can see, I went for the purple mostly but this one looked cute. For £1 again so I might pimp it a bit :)

And last but not least, I finally found a teacup. I had been looking for one for a while for a small project and now I have one. Found it in a different shop so paid £2 (not sure if it is worth £2 but on the other hand I now have a teacup).

All in all, a very successful day :) We dont have the Salvation Army store here and anything given to charity without a label usually ends up in the bin (how sad) so I actually own some brands now... unimportant ones but still... Anyway, who cares, I had a great time and got some really nice stuff! Now to get rid of my old clothes... LOL


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