Internet is Back and Random Craftiness

Yes yes yes, I am back online :) The bf managed to speak to the provider who sent someone over today (at last) and now it is working again. Isnt he lovely? *swoon* The bf of course, not the internet provider, haha

So much has happened in the last week that I dont even know where to start... Let's see... let's get all the random stuff out of the way and then get a bit more organised. :) I wanted to show you some random crafty things that have been going on over the last few days.

As some of you may know, I have entered the Fall Gift Exchange at Every Craft Endeavor:

which is a gift exchange where you are assigned a person to send gifts to, and they in turn send you gifts back. I have been busy crafting and gathering items for my exchange person (someone in NY, how exciting!) so in a way this whole internet thing was quite handy. In due course, I will post pics but let's not spoil it for her in case she reads this before receiving her pressies which I can hopefully send out some time next week. The deadline is next Friday and I am on schedule, or at least I was until this headache started playing up. But I'm still making good time in any case :)

Last week, I went out to do a little shopping after work. Sadly, Halloween is not very big in London yet and even though they do sell a few things, all the really cool stuff can still only be found in the US. Which is where most of my stuff comes from anyway as I tend to search for it whenever I'm over there, haha. I did find these socks though in the Poundstore which I just had to have:

They had better ones last year but as the quality is really bad and I wanted something Halloweeny, they will just have to do. After all those socks I bought the other day, I really should have enough for a while... Wait, did I not blog about that? I found the cutest little socks with cupcakes! Let's see if I can find the photo somewhere :)

Last Saturday, we were supposed to go to the Thames Festival (more about that soon) but the weather was quite bad on Saturday, so I dragged the bf to the craft store. Poor him right? Well they do have a 'boy section' so he had stuff to look at for his miniatures etc and he managed to buy a few things. They had a few Halloween things which was nice and just some things I was looking for in general. In the end I had quite a good loot:

I got a ton of fleece for all those little projects (3 for 2 yay!) and... do my eyes deceive me?... no... it cant be... my first ever bottle of Modge Podge! After finding so many great projects online, I just had to have some... it seems there is a way to make your own but I wanted to try the real thing before trying to copy something I dont even know the original version of. I also bought some icing (turns out the bf likes icing, who knew?!) for Halloween so I will experiment with that soon too. And a giant knitting nancy as the small one didnt work for the tassel I am making for the bf (which he has now decided he doesnt like in 2 colours and he wants black only, leaving me with a two-tone tassel which I actually might use as a medieval cheerleading pompom to cheer on the bf at his archery muahahaha). Good thing I didnt enter the StashBusting September challenge at the T-Shirt Diaries! I just love buying school supplies and since I am clearly no longer in school, new craft supplies is just as good ;)

At work, one of my colleagues asked me to make a flower for on her dress. So I was like, sure whenever I have a minute I'll make something if I have to fabric somewhere. Yes I was a little vague and I did want to make it for her of course but I had to be in the mood and stuff (as with everything crafty really). So I showed her some fabric flower designs that I know how to make and she told me what she liked... Then I found out from someone else at work that it was for her WEDDING DRESS! She is getting married this weekend and needs something to spice up her 'belt' on the dress. It is a cute little dress (I saw a pic) out of creamy/off-white satin with a brown belt tied around the waist. So of course I jumped right into action and I made this:

I gave it to her today which was her last day at work before the wedding and I was so pleased that she actually liked it :) It was my first ever singed flower that I made and it was tricky... I was glad the fabric was so dark as I did have some flames at some point... I am a long way from trying this with lighter fabric LOL!

So that's it, the minor crafty bits that I have done... I cant wait to show you the stuff for the gift exchange but it will have to wait... First I have to prepare for Elf. I just hope the weather will look better then!

It's so good to back :) Time to read everything that I have been missing out on and find that blogpost about the Harry Potter bottles that I am about to make also...


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