Steampunk Outfit - Handbag Finished!

Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once...

*looking very serious*
Every girl needs a handbag.

And of course every steampunk girl needs a steampunk handbag!

But OMG, where am I going to find such a handbag? There wont be time, aargghhh!

Haahaa, fear not. Enter: charity shop. Sadly I didnt take a 'before' picture of this lovely cute little handbag but it was on sale at the charity place and it was only £1.25! The perfect colour and even some of those metal studs that I have been recreating with the split pins. Then enter magic box of steampunk goodies :) Some split pins, my trade mark yoyos and a glue gun:

The front. The studs were there already. The shiny thing on the right came from a cloak that I bought once at the Angel Sale and is still waiting to be transformed somehow.

The clock plate came from alarm clock #1, I just had to use the hands as well as they were so pretty. Together with a white/gold yoyo and a button that is the same as on the corset jacket it looks really good.

The back. The glasses are whats left of the eye patch pair and I really wanted to use them. The bf sais it's a silly place to put them but one always needs glasses handy right? ;)

The clock plate came from alarm clock #2. The hands are not as pretty as the other ones but I liked the idea of the first one so I just copies the same on this side. The brown yoyo is made out of the same fabric as the overskirt and the button also matched the corset top.

I really needed something heavy to balance out the big star, and I located this brooch in the steampunk box. I bought it at the same car boot sale as the clocks for very cheap also. It was supposed to be used in the tie before the bf got the pins.

Now the only problem is...

Will all my stuff fit in here???


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