Sunday at the Thames Festival

Actually, we wanted to go on Saturday (and I only found out later why) but the weather was so bad, I dragged the bf out on Sunday. First we walked around a bit, but not soon after arriving, we spotted the wonderful Libby Rose and her extremely pink stall. Check out the taxi she owns! Isnt it the coolest? I just had to be in the photo with it (and with Libby of course).

We continued along the Thames and spotted some sandcastle ppl. They didnt build much (or hadnt finished much as it was still early in the day) but I thought this sofa was so funny!

Then we came to a little square where they had all this recycled stuff and a school from Hammersmith actually made this WORKING watermill out of recycled bottles, tubs, and plant thingies. Check it out!

I thought it was very impressive :)

As we moved on, we passed so much food! But somehow I didnt find anything I liked... I did, however, find a stall that made galette (a French savoury pancake) and even some tartiflette (my ultimate favourite French dish). Sadly I was so full of the galette already that I couldnt eat the tartiflette, plus the queue was ginormous, even for London standards...

Mmmm, tartfilette...

Check out the bf at the pancake stall. He knows me too well... ;)

As we continued east, we headed towards Cheapside, where we saw these two lovely ladies promote the area and handing out gold chocolates coins. Of course I just had to have some ;)

I shoot...

I score! (see chocolates in my hands LOL)

After some more walking (yes, it is the Thames festival, and that means a LOT of walking...) we reached Shakespeare's Globe. I just love this building and always want to see a play here. But they havent actually played anything I like just yet... Oh well, I'm not gone yet!

Isnt this the coolest?

Then, finally and after all that walking, the bf got his pint and I got to sit outside in the sun. I did took some nice pics of the bf but none were too publish worthy I thought... But guess what, here is yet another one of me LOL

Sleepily sipping my J2o. OK, not my best pic either but I needed to show you the lovely weather! :)

It's not very often that we have skies like this...

In the end we managed to get home by 3pm (ok, so 5 mins past 3pm) which is what I was aiming for. We had left the house, saw some people, and were home in time for more crafting :) Crafting of what? That I will have to share in a few days as I now have to get ready for the big event this weekend and I need to get up at 4.30am so I better get to bed... Goodnight everyone and I will blog pics of the EFF on Monday!


  1. Hi there,

    New follower from New Friend Fridays. I lived in London for about three years and I loved the Thames Festival. Such creative pieces. This brings back such happy memories. Thanks

    Great blog you have here.

    The Things We Find Inside


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