'Stitch London' Craft Pouch

As I think I've mentioned before, I am registered to the Meetup website. One of the groups I have recently started attending is the knitting group. A long time agi in a galazy far away I knew how to knit. Slowly, the people in the group are kind of enough to help me remember how to do this and I'm even planning a sweater soon. As soon as I find a pattern with only one stitch and suitable for beginners... But anyway, Stitch London (a different group and not at all part of Meetup) has a funny project on their website which was forwarded to me by one of the people in the Knitting Group. They have designed a Craft Pouch which is perfect for transporting knitting! And, made out of the right fabric, can be super cute to boot :)

Check out the official link here. You need to click on 'Download Pattern Here' as I cant link to the pattern directly for some reason. The bag is so cute! On our fabric shopping trip last week I bought a piece of (I think) which was perfect for this bag, and as it was only 50p I was allowed in all frugality. I also found some heavy burlap-like cotton which I have used as lining, so that the needles wont poke through so easily. The only difference between my bag and the pattern is that I just used one large piece instead of4 seperate ones. Upon discussing this in the Sewing Group when we first saw this pattern, we all agreed that would be so much easier and fabric saving. I even have about a quarter left of my 50p-bit.

This is the end result of my bag, complete with over-sized ribbon to create the bow and embellished with one of my slowly-becoming-signature yoyo flowers:

Yes ok, maybe 4 photos was a little much but I couldnt choose which one showed the bag the best... LOL... At least now you see this cute bag from all angles. And dont you just love the print? For some reason I was really drawn to it. :)

So anyway, check out the link and make your own very handy knitting transport pouch!


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