Ok, some professional EFF pics after all

Ok, I did want to share a few pics, most of all as some of the photographers who took them want to be professionals and this way I can help them out a little. I decided on my 5 favourites to keep it small:

Photo by Dorine Smit:

Photos by Stephen Troost:

And one which is not at all professional but captures the dress amazingly well and which was taken by Myrna:

And finally a fantastic detail photo by Hobbyworld:

One more photo was amazing as you can see the shoes and the size of the dress but I have already uploaded that in the Mombi is Finished blog post.

Remember, if you're new to my blog and you want to see how this amazingly gorgeous dress was created, just follow this link and be redirected to all the posts showing the progress.

I am extremely pleased with how the dress turned out and all the great reactions at the EFF. Thank you so much everyone!!

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  1. You are so talented!
    Each gown is mind blowing.

    Love the pirate gown as well.
    Your life looks like fun!

  2. Beautiful and amazing!
    Happy Halloween!~Naila Moon

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!! that is super fabulously incredible! I've just been scrolling through all your mombi posts looking at the progress - and I'm floored! WHAT a dress - you are so talented! Saw you'd entered it into the CSI project - I've entered some stuff there too for the first time - but honestly, forget my puny projects - this should win for sure!

    Go you!!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  4. I love it. The creativity, color, composition, and texture stand out as superb.


    1. Thank you so much Bren!! It is by far my best creation ever and I am so pleased that others like it also :)


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