Cupcake Weekend

Hello again :)
I had a really nice weekend, especially since it seemed to be all about cupcakes! I was supposed to go to the SFX Weekend as I got some free tickets, but the location was just too far away and it would have taken several hours to get there. Instead I spent Saturday doing some much needed grocery shopping and baking yummy cupcakes for the Buffy night scheduled for that evening with a quiz, food, and of course Buffy episodes. I'm part of the Buffy Meetup Group and even though I havent been in months, I really wanted to make an effort this time and bring something good. So I went onto Allrecipes and got this really cool recipe for Red Velvet Cupcakes. It was the first time I made cupcakes from scratch so it was a challenge! I also learned that buttermilk can be replaced by milk with vinegar :) The things we learn hihi... I added some pre-made Betty Crocker chocolate buttercream on top and some sprinkles. They sure looked great and the cupcake liners were very Buffy also:

There is a better picture floating around somewhere but I havent received it yet so I cant post it. I also made Banana Pecan Cupcakes (I just added some pecans to this recipe) but also no pics. They sure were yumm though and the Buffy group was very pleased. Well you didnt really think that I was going to eat 30 cupcakes on my own! I have some leftover still so I think the people at work will be pleased tomorrow also ;)

On Sunday I finally got to hang out with Lauren from Bookworm Eats Flower. We had been planning to meetup for cupcakes a long time ago, but then Christmas got in the way and my unforeseen sick leave also didnt help. But today we finally met! Of course lots of blogging was discussed and it was a blast :) She even gave me this great Amy Butler fabric:

Yes, it is pink but I'm sure I can make something nice out of it. Plus pink is starting to grow on me hihi... So check us out, enjoying our cupcakes:

We went to Bea's of Bloomsbury which I had never heard of before but it was sure a great place!

This was my Raspberry Vanilla Cupcake... it's pink! I'm starting to see a trend here... but it was sooo yummy! I dont usually like frosting, and even the frosting on my own cupcakes was meant for others. I removed it on mine hihi. But let me tell you, this was so good! Light and tasty, really yumm :)

Lauren had the Chocolate Praline Cupcake which also looked divine

Of course I couldnt only just have one cupcake so I ordered some more. This is the Baileys Vanilla Cupcake. Not bad but the frosting was really thick and not really to my liking. I ate this last which was a bit of a shame as the best one was not saved for last this time...

This was the piece de resistance:: Red Velvet Cupcake. I was in heaven. Sooo good! Words fail, honestly. And my poor homemade cupcakes just dissapear in comparison.

Lauren and her yummy brownie as she didnt want a second cupcake. She assured me that the brownie was also to die for though.

Oooh cupcakes! The Baileys one had sparkles which is why I was swooning ;) It just proves that looks isnt everything!

After the cupcakes we went to the Chinese New Year Festival in Trafalgar Square. Despite knowing that it would be busy, I had forgotten just how insane busy these things get here. So we had a quick stroll around the square and took some pics...

There was a whole show which we saw nothing of.

But this bottle is always cool. It is a permanent thing at Trafalgar Square but I always have to take a picture. Silly me...

Afterwards we walked to Covent Garden and then back home, where of course I promptly fell asleep on the sofa. All those cupcakes!

I will have a big day at work tomorrow with a lot of stressful issues climaxing this week if not tomorrow so a lovely cupcake weekend was exactly what I needed. For now, let's just watch a little more TV and lounge some more on the sofa. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend also!


  1. I LOVE the lemon juice and milk substitute for buttermilk! I never have buttermilk on hand :) And I think your cupcakes look perfectly lovely!

  2. Keep in mind that the color of 2011 is Hyacinth Pink! You're actually on trend!

    By the way, thanks, my pant got tighter as I read this post.

  3. I have the sudden craving for cupcakes now. Thanks a lot! :P


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