Unhealthy 2011 So Far

Wow it really has been a while... I had this wonderful project to post from a few weeks back and just havent gotten around to it yet. It seems that I am gaining followers while not posting! How amusing is that ;) I might ask the CSN people if I can do another giveaway as my 100 follower giveaway is still in the planning.

So why has there been such a hiatus you might wonder? Well, I was ill in January with the mystery dizziness. OMG that drove me up the wall! (I love this expression, so very un-British). I couldnt do anything!! During this time some changes happened at work and I'm still trying to figure out what is going to happen next. Nothing to be posting about on the www though but let's wait and see what happens. And now here I am... sick yet again... this time it is just a cold but it still left me out of the running for about a week. Luckily this time I could actually see straight so I've been working from home for nearly the whole week. Mountain of tissues and all, very unhygienic at work. Oh I took a picture, wanna see?

I took it for FB mainly but thought I could share it here too. This, my dears, is one day worth of tissues. Two boxes!!! And this wasnt even taken at the end of the day but more at about 4pm or so! I think I went through about 400 tissues during the whole day. It was insane... Most mothers among you will know how messy a runny nose can be, but since I'm not a mom I thought I would share ;)

As you might have noticed my 'busy craft life' is more like 'my busy life being sick' at the moment but I do hope to change that again soon. I have some ideas in the making and a girl at work is heavily pregnant and I am of course once again extremely late with making a gift (twin boys: crafty ideas welcome!)

So now I have sent my update out into world along with my box of tissues, I say good night and speak soon!


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