Cotton Sweater Makeover

Hi everyone and welcome to all my new followers :) I have actually surpassed 100 followers! *squeel* Thank you so much for following my blog and keeping interested in my busy craft endeavours (or so I hope at least hihi). I had a giveaway planned to celebrate the fact but I need to find the right thing to give away so it might take a few more days.

In the mean time, do you remember this top that I bought at one of my thrifting Saturdays?

Well, I finally had the chance to do something with it. This top is super comfy and 100% cotton and for only £2 it's a steal :) Sadly the print really put me off so that was the first to go. But after taking the print off I had no idea what to do with it. So there it sat in my pile of mendebles (is that a word even?) for months on end, until a received a black and white striped top from a girl at work. I just loved the fabric and knew I just had to incorporate that into this top somehow. The exact idea, however, was long off...

But in the end, months later, I finally knew what I wanted. Since I couldnt decide on a design to replace the front print, I just tossed that idea completely and instead added cuffs and a collar from said striped fabric. This is the result:

I added the cuffs by ruffling long strips of the fabric (after cutting the original striped top to bits) and folding them over. I just sewed these on top of the original sleeves which it easy if I want to remove them again. The only problem is that the hem is now no longer stretchy so I cant actually roll up my sleeves anymore but I dont want to redo it again. I used the leftovers for the collar, and added buttons on all the hem lines. I have so many buttons (freecycle rules!) so this was great fun.

The top is still comfy and I'm very pleased the way it looks :) Of course I had to make a matching yoyo hair accessory:

I used a tiny scrap of the striped fabric, and I still had this black pvc yoyo in my stash (which was the blackest one I could find so I chose this one) and I added a polka dot button. Remember these buttons I bought at Herstmonceux? I just love them but I dont actually dare to use them as I may run out... LOL

The whole look is quite cute and very Tim Burton, totally up my alley :) Another new top for about onyl a tad over £2, who can beat that?! So keep your eyes peeled for my future giveaway and more crafts to come :)


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