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I'm back!!! OMG, It has been weeks since I felt this good! The first Saturday that I'm actually useful! *dances around happily* Of course my main objective for the weekend was to actually tidy our apartment as it was a disaster zone... With me not feeling well and the bf a little unmotivated to tidy his part, our stuff was EVERYWHERE! On top of that we had a minor washing machine incident (which luckily turned out to only be the power outlet so just using a different outlet for the time being) so we also have A TON of laundry to get through. So today I did 3 loads of laundry, vaccuumed, did the dishes (which in itself is already a miracle), went fruit&veg shopping, and tidied my part of the living room and bedroom. Yes you may think that's funny and it's not like we dont tidy each other's stuff... but only if it's general stuff like plates or so. Can you imagine the bf tidying my sewing area? That would have interesting outcome to say the least ;) And the same goes for his Warhammer stuff. Not only would I probably drop something, I would probably also make some very important tiny thingy disappear. So it's safer to just tidy our own stuff. Hihi...

As all is better now and the tissue use has majorly declined, I hope to be blogging loads again :) So sorry for the hiatus there, nearly 2 months! I cant believe it...

Anyway, I little while ago, I made my knitting needle case. I dont really knit a lot, mostly because it takes too long and I'm really not that good yet. But over the years I have gathered a few needles and they're just lying around. So when I found this fantastic fabric at Herstmonceux I knew that had to be my knitting needle case. (I actually forgot to blog about the fabric when I blogged all my other purchases there, woops!). I found this lovely shop where I found a ton of buttons, and I also found a FQ of this beige fabric with cats and wool on it. It was just perfect!

Isnt it just the cutest? I think it is perfect :) This is actually the case done already but I did want to post a decent picture showing the fabric.

Originally I wanted to add some black and purple on the inside, but I only had black and beige left and I am really trying not to buy any new fabric that I wont be using immediately. So I used black and beige instead which also works quite well. After some browing on, I found many tutorials, and I sort of combined them to get the look I wanted. I didnt need a huge case with lots of storage, especially since I have like 3 set of needles at the moment, and one of them is actually being used. So I just made a few pockets, thinking I can always add more later:

I used the entire FQ for the base, and lined it with beige. I then sewed on the pocket in black (also lined with beige) so it is quite thick on the bottom so that the needles wont peek through too much. Here you can see how many needls I have ;)

I left enough space on the top so this can be folded over the needles so they wont fall out when the case is upside-down (you never know, I am very clumsy). I added purple ribbons on each side to tie the case. I also still had to ribbon and it matches perfectly :)

This is the case rolled up. I think it looks really nice :) Yes, I could have rolled it a little nicer but this was a fairly quick project for a change which was great! I know this isnt much of a tutorial, but the idea in itself is very simple so maybe some of you can use it anyway.

Now all I have to do is actually improve my knitting and learn how to read a knitting pattern... But at least I'll have something to get me through the summer :) Knitting is great to carry around at medieval fairs, especially since they didnt really have a sewing machine yet back then!


  1. I have about 15 sets of knitting needles. I need to make one of these soon!

  2. I love crafty blogs! I can't get enough! This idea is wonderful! I’m a new follower Happy Friday!! I would love for you to stop and take a look at my blog as well! Thanks!


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