Happy Pancake Day 2011!

It is that time of year again, Shrove Tuesday in the UK which means pancakes for the entire country before everyone pretends to give up something for Lent :) Luckily not all made by me as that would be bad... remember my post from last year's Pancake Day? Well, the idea was to have something similar and have the bf make the pancakes as it was also International Woman's Day and to be honest my pancakes usually suck ;) I can just never get the batter right... so anyway, all was planned when the bf rang me on the way home telling me he forgot the eggs. Naturally, I stopped by the supermarket to get some (at the same time as have the state did their shopping also so this took a while) so by the time I got home, the bf had lost interest in baking pancakes and I didnt want to spend hours trying to get the batter right. Betty Crocker to the rescue!!! Luckily, the supermarket also had Betty Crocker pancake mix on offer (only £1 per shake-n-bake mix) so I bought a couple of those as well just in case. Sometimes it's great to have a sixth sense isnt it? I used the mix and made the pancakes and they were actually pretty nice :) The bf took many pics of me while trying to get the batter to swirl correctly in the pan and form a circle (this was not always achieved), but it had been a very long day and it was showing. Plus I was in my awfully comfortable Halloween PJ pants so not looking very flashy and definitely not a look I want to broadcast across the world hihi (though I do love those pants!). One picture made it through though, this one is still awful but actually the least worst hihi.

So I hope you had a great pancake day too, share those recipes if you can (I already have the Betty Crocker 'add water' one LOL).


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