Cupcake Pouch for my Purple Blackberry

Remember the shiney new purple Blackberry that the bf gave me for my birthday? Well, it has a really big screen (in comparison to my old phone that is, but it's by no means an iPhone LOL) and with me being as clumsy as I can be, I really needed a pouch so I really can keep this phone for a long time. Especially with it being so purple and all ;)

So this weekend one of my projects was to make a new pouch for the phone since the old phone was a lot smaller and of course that pouch wouldnt fit the new phone. A while ago I accidentally stumbled onto some of the cutest cupcake fabric ever in the fabric shop and of course I couldnt leave the shop without buying some of it, as well as some coordinating fabric. Together with some of the purple fleece I bought at the Stitch & Craft Show the other day and some wadding, my project was ready to go.

I chose a purple fabric with white polka dots, pink and white striped fabric, and greenish/turquoise fabric with white mini polka dots and cupcakes :)
I wasnt sure how to incorporate all three chosen fabrics into the one pouch, but after some thinking I decided to not make a quilted pouch as originally planned, and to just make a normal pouch with added pockets.

First I made the inner pouch out of light purple fleece covered in wadding. That way the screen cant scratch up because of the fleece and it will be all snug and comfy in the wadding. I then made the cover with the fabrics and sewed the whole thing together.

This is the result, all pics taken by the very patient bf (I just didnt find a photo that I was happy with so it had to be taken a lot of time...):

Side one, purple polka dots with cupcakes highlights as the pocket on pink striped fabric. I also added the purple polka dot ribbon around the top as an extra highlight. The top looks a bit crooked here but that is because I didnt cut the stripes entire straight. Woops!

Side two, here I used the cupcake fabric for the pouch with a small striped highlight and purple as a background.

See how protective and puffy it is?

It looks so cute with the phone! And the pocket is great for quickly dashing to the shop, I can now always carry my bank and coffee cards with me. Great for quickly getting some coffee or so at work when you dont want to carry a lot but still want to have the essentials. :)


  1. Your phone pouch looks fabulous!! great idea to add that card pocket too! :)

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Card pocket? Sheer genius! I'm getting the impression you like cupcakes. ;)

  3. You’re so talented, MJ! Your Blackberry phone and your pouch look so cute together! I love the different shades of purple that you used. You’ve just inspired me to make a pouch for my BB too. :) I’d like to see more of your work! Keep it up!


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