Oscar Bingo - What a Hit!

Hi all,

OMG we had so much fun the other day, I have to share this! As you know the Oscars were on, but living in the UK means that I couldnt watch them live so I had to tape them. Having said that, the bf isnt a fan of watching shows like that so the trick was to watch it either without him or make him watch it too. Enter... Oscar Bingo!!

(image borrowed from How About Orange)

I found Oscar Bingo here at How About Orange, and thought it would be cool. So I printed up some sheets (mind you, there was only the two of us and this was an after-work evening so absolutely nothing special planned) and turned on the show. The bf was like 'really?' and looked a little sad. Even when I showed him the bingo sheets, he wasnt all that interested. But then the show started and immediately he had one point already (yes he had to 'spot ponytail' LOL). So he was off to a good start, and it got better every time.

In the end, he watched the entire show and he even won the Oscar Bingo. It was great! So I really wanted to say thank you to How About Orange for creating this Oscar Bingo and providing me with an evening of entertainment. Next year you must all try this, it's great!


  1. Hello: The bingo sounds so much better than the Oscars were. You got the best deal.
    Thanks so much for signing up for Celebrate OZ. I am so excited. I can hardly wait to see what everyone is going to do to share the mania for all things Ozzie..... Welcome. The Olde Bagg, Linda


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