Cupcake Fabric has Landed!

OMG, it's here it's here! Well, it actually arrived yesterday but I was playing WoW (bad me!) and was really sleepy from work so any picture I took was a complete disaster.

Let me start at the beginning as you might be confused by my momentarily very Gilmore Girls-like train of thought. A few months back, I found a blogpost (and I'm sorry to say that I cant remember which one exactly) about someone making PJs for her daughters and using an extremely cute fleece cupcake applique as a finishing touch. She was kind enough to tell me where to find said fabric and the hunt started... Well, obviously the hunt was for international shipping because did you know that Joanne's is a US only company? How annoying! Luckily, wonderful Sunny from Life in Rehab came to rescue and offered to go shopping for me. She must have gone to 5 different Joanne's but as this fabric was on sale at the time, she could only find one or two yards at the time. I needed 4 for my project that I just wasnt good enough. I was a little bumbed but could hardly ask her to spend all of her free time shopping for me, but then in the middle of the night it hit me. Online shopping!! Yes I cant believe it took so long LOL. So I logged onto Joanne's and ordered my 4 yards and had it shipping to Sunny who would then send it over to me in the UK. Happy as a clam, I eagerly awaited Sunny's email that the fabric had arrived. Sadly, no such thing occurred. About a week after I placed the order, I received an email from Joanne's that the fabric was out of stock and could not be shipped. Of course I got my money back but still not fabric. After some more searching, I found the exact same fabric at nearly the same (sale) price at Hancock and I tried again. Huzzah, that worked! The fabric arrived at Sunny's in the same week and we were sorted :) Now we just had to get it to the UK... Ok that took a little while as Sunny is a busy woman and as this project wasnt urgent anyway, it was all fine. At least the fabric was safe and sound with her. But when I came back from work yesterday, the fabric had landed in the UK and the bix was sitting snuggly on my doorstep :) Cupcakes have landed in London! Whoohoo!

Now the fleece is a little thinner than I expected but I checked again this morning and it will totally do for what I want to make. Plus I cant stop stroking it! Hihi, it is just sooo cute! And as the pics yday were a disaster, the bf took the below picture this morning (yes, morning hair and my desk is a mess, but look at the fabric!):

I am so in love with this fabric :) And see this awful bathrobe with the paw prints? Well, it's not awful as such but I've had it for nearly 10 years and it's time for a change. So this lovely cupcake fabric will be used for that. It will be the most expensive and un-frugal bathrobe I have ever bought, and of course also the most cumbersome LOL, but it will be sooo cool! Stay tuned for the final result as am hoping to start (and finish) this tomorrow :)

Thank you soooo much Sunny! *sending big virtual hugz* You are the best!

I'm off to the Handmade Tales Exhibition today, that should be interesting too. Enjoy your Saturday everyone!


  1. What Marijke means is Sunny is a shipping moron with postage ADD who held her fabric hostage in the back of my Alien Green Kia Soul for WEEKS. WEEKS. I swear, I heard a heartbeat coming up through the floor boards. Well, she has it now. All I need to do at this point is ship my vintage 80's jewelry to Mich L in LA before we both fall victim to Alzheimers and forget why we were exchanging supplies in the first place.


    Glad it was worth it, Sweetie!


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