Yoga Bag Giveaway Winner

Hi all,
I wanted to post the winner this morning but ran into a small problem so it had to be postponed. However, it is finally time to announce the winner of the yoga bag giveaway!

As per tradition, the winner was chosen from all entries (sadly only three, hope it's not my sewing skills! hihi) via which chose:

Number 1 which was a comment left by 'me' (not not me as in me me, but me from the blog 'Moois van me'!) LOL. 'me' said:

Congrats 'me'! Please email me your address and I will get this bag out to you as soon as possible :) I so hope you like it! Gefeliciteerd :)


  1. Darling, the only reason I didn't enter was that I would have had no use for a Yoga bag :( It certainly wasn't down to your sewing skills! x


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