Holidays at Last - Part 2

After seeing family and friends, we went to the country side and relaaaaxed... it was lovely :) The hotel was in the Arthurian Legends area and I found an exhibition about Morgaine that I really wanted to see (Morgane à Mélusine in Chateau de Comper en Brocéliande). That wasnt my best idea... The exhibition was nice but a little boring and it wasnt very big so that we had a lot of time to spare afterwards.

The bf suggested a spontaneous hike (without any food or water and not wearing the right attire but yes we went hiking). So we went to the Valley of No Return...

In Arthurian legend, the Val sans Retour (Vale or Valley of No Return) is an enchanted land in which the powerful sorceress Morgan le Fay imprisons her lovers. The spell is eventually broken by Lancelot. The Val sans Retour has been identified with an area of the same name in Paimpont forest in Brittany, southwest of Rennes, which tradition has long held to be the site of the legendary forest of Brocéliande.

The views were amazing! And this was only the beginning...

We were up there before. It was so warm that some shade was much appreciated.

Gorgeous lake. Not sure if this was Viviane's Mirror, but I guess we'll never know...

Taadaa! One cannot always pose seriously. One was very amused on holidays :) Hihihi

I love this photo, very Marion Zimmer Bradley I think... I can just imagine Merlin spontaneously appearing here. :)

At the very end we found the Golden Tree. The Golden Tree is here for a reason as found via Google: In 1990, the Valley-of-No-Return burned for 5 days. After the fire, thousands of donations poured in from all over the world to save the Valley’s mythical heritage. In 1991, to pay tribute to this international cooperation, a Parisian sculptor created The Golden Tree, an enormous golden chestnut tree, with pure gold leaves. It symbolizes the immortality of the dreams of men of goodwill. Its branches evoke the antlers of stags, the wild animals who led the knights through the enchanted forests.
Quite a lovely sign I thought.

After the hike we passed a sign indicating that we were close to Guillotin's Oak. I'll spare you the details but just click here for more info. This tree is 1000 years old! It was really cool :)

And I touched it! Carefully of course, it wasnt like I could actually reach the branches hihi...

This was our unexpected hiking day. I actually spent time in the pool after this so it was a very active day :) More tomorrow!


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