Holidays at Last - Part 6

The ferry left at 10am so we had to get up at like 7 to pack and have breakfast. We dropped off the rental, and headed off.

After we had dropped of the luggage in the cabin (this time we had one!), we went outside on deck to take some pics. The weather was amazing! Here you can see the harbour of St. Malo.

One final look to St. Malo as the ferry pulls away....

Just thought this was appropriate as it said 'Bretagne' on it, hihi

Obviously a French ferry :) We were slowly steaming ahead...

All the way to England... if you look closely you can see France very small in the background here. VERY small...

And that was it, that was our week of holidays... I hope you enjoyed coming with me and seeing all this, and that I didnt bore you too much! I had brought lots of things to do and to craft and you will see the result of this soon. I have to finish a few more costumes and time is running out on me so bear with me as I try to get the crafting, working, and blogging all squeezed into one day. It will happen at some point! :)


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