Holidays at Last - Part 3

I realised I may have mixed up the photos a bit but that's ok...

After one of our visits I had all this energy left and there was a gorgeous flower trail (hortensias I think) near the hotel so I decided to have a nice walk in the sun. Armed with the backup camera (as someone forgot to charge her batteries oops!) I headed out...

The first few flower bushes were definitely not hortensias...

Oooh purple! It was really hard to get the right shade of purple on film but I think it kind of worked, these were gorgeous!

Some pinks too...

And more purple :) Nope, am not at all obsessed with purple ;)

After trying to take my own photo for a while, a lovely Dutch couple passed and offered to help out. Yay, me with 'les fleurs'. Ok half of them are less than vibrant but it's the thought that counts. Still a nice pic though :)

Back at the hotel the bf was enjoying a nice Breton beer...

While spiders started to inhabit his shoes. Yes, we were definitely in the country!

Just check out this weather, so nice! Perfect for my frugal dress :)

Honestly, how much more relaxed can you get? I know, with a massage! Luckily the hotel offered those so I had one of those too. We didnt actually do a very great deal but it was really nice to just be able to take a break of it all for a bit after all the stress we have in London. More tomorrow!


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