Oh No! My Lovely Coat!

The other day we were in Westfield and I was wearing my lovely full-length fleece coat as the weather wasnt the greatest as usual...

See, that's me on the left. Dont you just love the coat? It is really ankle length. Interesting when it's really windy as fleece is really light and I look like the Matrix gone wrong.

Anyway, on the way out of Westfield, we took the escalator down and while we were happily chatting away... you can probably see this coming... the coat got stuck in the escalator!!! As it was only the coat I could st least move aside and let the people behind me move. That was until a really nice lady tried to help and everyone fell over her... she was very nice though for helping me out.

The problem was that no one could find the emergency button on the escalator! Normally it should be on top or on the side or something and clearly indicated (like at Euston station if anyone knows it). Not so at Westfield... At Westfield the escalators are like this.
Do you see the little middle picture showing where the button is??? Of course no one could find the button in the not-very-well-lit area! Until my friend happened to see a tiny button all the way underneath the moving strip thingy that is. At last I was free!! Well, not entirely... the escalator had been stopped but that still meant my coat was stuck. This was one piece of fabric that wasnt going to get free easily! Shame no one photographed this as I'm sure it would have been quite funny, seeing me put my entire wait behind it trying to get the coat out. In the end it worked though...

...and this was the result... A huge tear (well, huge according to my standards) along the bottom, at least 20cm long! The fabric had been stretched so much that it didnt even fit together nicely anymore, and all along the edge to the left there were little holes. It looked like this coat was ready for the bin.

But I refused to give up! In the end, after not wanting to do this but I just wasnt able to sew this back together in a way that would actually look good, I just cut the coat. It is now no longer floor length, but at least it doesnt have holes! Dont have a pic of that yet though, maybe soon.

I even sent a complaint to Westfield and all they said was 'too bad, that has never happened to anyone else'. Not even an apology or anything! I mean, it wasn't a Prada coat, it was a fleece I got from Camden, but even at the £40-£60 I paid for it at the time (cant remember either 40 or 60) it's still a shame to have it destroyed.

Maybe this will be my reason to finally start a new wintercoat with some amazing red wool that I bought a couple of years back? Mmm... let's ponder on that ;)


  1. You poor thing! It must have been quite a drama! It reminds me of some sitcom I saw (can't remember which one) where the same thing happened to a lady who had decided to go for a special romantic night with her husband - and was wearing a long coat like yours - but with nothing underneath!! So it has happened before! and I can't believe Westfield did nothing about it!

    Anyway - I'm sure you'll make a fabulous new red coat!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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