An Unexpected Surprise

Good morning everyone!
I am slowly trying to get all the posts up that I didn't have the energy for in the past few weeks... This will be a tiny post but a nice one as well I think. Creativity will follow again soon but some of this stuff is just too good not to share :)

So after the pirate event I came down with a massive cold which turned out to be sinusitis. I stayed home for a few days thinking it would pass at first. One of the days that I was at home, I was asleep in bed trying to ignore the world and this horrible sick feeling when I woke up to a lot of noise outside. We live in London so noise is kind of always there but this was big even for London standards. So reluctantly I get up and look outside and see tons of people lining the streets and special Olympic vans and stuff driving along the streets as well (it was the week before the Olympics started). I got my camera as fast as I could and hung out the window just in time to get this shot:

I was actually just in time to see the torch get passed over! Such an unexpected surprise! 

Once that was done people quickly dispersed and I could go back to sleep. But it was a nice feeling to not have missed everything while sick :)


  1. Sorry about the sinusitis, that must be horrible. But how lucky that the torch getting passed happened right outside your window! And very lucky to catch it too, plus take a pic.
    I hope you're all better now, see you soon!


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