Wenlocks, Mandevilles, and a Very Late Start

Hello again everyone!
I had a wonderful weekend :) Maybe I shouldn't say that just yet as not to jinx it, but so far so good. I had an extremely busy Saturday and Sunday which is way too much to pack into one single post so I have to split it up as of course I have to tell you all about what happened. The most important thing first of course, which sadly is also the most annoying thing. 

As you may know, London hosted the Olympics and Paralympics this year (no really??? LOL). And as part of the touristy thing, the City of London placed several statues of the Olympic mascots around London for people to find. Kind of like the egg-hunt you might think. Noooo I thought, surely there are only a handful and I won't have to hunt for those as I'm not a big fan of the mascot anyway (sorry, the Australian ones were just much cuter in my mind). WRONG!!! It was EXACTLY like the egg hunt and really cool! Only I discovered this YESTERDAY. Yes, yesterday. How annoying is that?! Clearly very to me as I am typing in capital letters... 

You see, yesterday was the Thames Festival. I only spent  few hours there, but managed to find some spontaneously along the way. After about the fifth I started to realise that this was really exactly like the egg hunt. Once I got home I googled some info and of course, today (9 Sept) is the last day that the statues are up. Oh joy... So I left early this morning and went to Regents Park with my trusty map downloaded from the MOL website and started hunting the (sadly only) 11 Wenlocks there. In total there are 86 statues over 6 routes, but 3 routes were closed today because of the marathon, and 2 of the three remaining routes were in tourist central. In the middle of tourist season and the final day of the Paralympics? No thank you, I'll stick to the park. So I had a lovely stroll through the park and spotted some Wenlocks and Mandevilles. I don't know all the names, at least not of those that I ddin't find with a map, but below is the result :)

Beefeater Mandeville

 Pirate Wenlock

Sherlock Wenlock

Deckchair Wenlock

Rose Garden Mandeville

Midsummer Night's Dream Wenlock

Birdy Wenlock

Safari Wenlock

Victorian Wenlock

Animal Wenlock

Regency Wenlock

Rainbow Mandeville

Union Jack Wenlock (at least I ended in style with a true Team GB Wenlock!)

I found parts of Regent's Park that I've never even heard of before...

Afterwards the bf and I met up with some friends in Camden and went to The Diner for some breakfast. Pancakes of course for me :) Don't they look yummy?

I would have loved to do the Wenlocks and Mandeville hunt just like I did the egg hunt but as today is the last day, I can only hope that another hunt like this will be organised soon. And that my brain is functioning enough to actually participate in it this time! 

I hope you liked this mini-tour anyway, it was alas the best I could do. But I still haven't told you about the rest of my weekend, it was so exciting! Watch this space :)


  1. It looks like you enjoyed it as much as the egg hunt???


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