Upcycled Corks make Wine Cork Trivet

Hi everyone!
Had a lovely day in the sun as had to go grocery shopping and I decided to walk to the shop (that means about an hour's walk). Naturally I had to treat myself to an ice cream along the way ;)

A long long time ago, before the glory days of Pinterest, I found a wonderful tutorial on how to upcycle corks and make a trivet out of them. You know, those thingies you put your hot pan or teapot on so you don't burn the worktop in your kitchen? The bf likes to drink wine and I always threw the corks away which was quite a waste. So I started to collect them. Sadly for this project I needed quite a few corks and it really took me nearly a year if not longer to get the right amount of corks. 

But just look at all my lovely corks! The tutorial said to cut them all in half which is what I did here. I used a potato knife, maybe that's why they all have a hole but the idea is there.

 I arranged them all the way I wanted them to be. As the bf likes to change wines, not all the corks were the same size and I was just too lazy to sand them all down to the right height. Yes yes lazy me, but this wasn't supposed to take all day.

 I then used my trusty glue gun to glue them all together. Trust me, I could have saved time in lining them all up because I knocked some over and the whole order of them was gone! After gluing them all together, I glued a nice Halloween ribbon around the whole thing. I did consider using something non-Halloweeny, but then it wouldn't match the rest of the kitchen stuff, and this way I can use either side for the top.

 Now this is what the original looks like. See how all the sides are the same and all the corks have the same height? Lalala... *whistles while innocently looking around*

Well, mine looks a little different... also one cork smaller as I just didn't have enough of them! But I like it anyway :) I already used to to put my lovely purple teapot on when having tea. The bf said he made this when he was like 5, but I don't mind. It's upcycling at its finest. Or so I keep telling myself ;)

Yes I know it's not as pretty as the original idea, but I had fun doing it and it didn't take very long. Mainly due to the fact that none of them have the same height LOL. Although if you turn it upside down like in the picture no one will be able to tell :)

Another craft done whoohoo! And this was has been on the list for a looooong time! I would like to make a bigger one but with the amount of corks I need I may have to wait a while ;)

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  1. Looks great MJ! there are so many cool crafts to make with corks - but all our wine bottles over here are screw tops now!! Most frustrating!!!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. I really like this - have seen it done several ways and have been meaning to make one. pathetically, I had put it off because I didn't want the trouble of cutting my corks! What is a potato knife????


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