Hand/Arm Warmers Tutorial (sortof)

I made these a good while ago, but I felt like I had to share these as I wear these pretty much every day. At the moment the weather is ok really outside but in my office they have decided to turn up the airconditioning so much that everyone wears summer clothes outside and scarves and coats INSIDE. Yes, typical... But because these dont cover your fingers, they are perfect to type with :) So yes, these arm warmers are being used to the max :) I found the pattern on the Burda website and it was created by one of the members. She called them 'Yoshimi Armwarmers'. Unfortunately I dont have her tutorial at hand (you need to be a member to see it and I'm not sure how many of you are, but feel free to check out the original instructions here), but it's a very basic pattern and I will try to explain it. First of all, print out this pdf file containing the pattern:

Yoshimi Armwarmers

Then add the following steps:
  • Cut out the pattern
  • Trace both parts of the pattern on FOLDED fabric (this will only give you one seam for each piece). Do this twice as you need two pieces of each. NOTE: This pattern is for jersey, add about 1cm on each side if you are using fleece or any other non-stretch fabric.
  • Fold the thumb piece and stitch together as shown in the pattern.
  • If you are using a fray-fabric, hem the top of the thumb bit. If you are using fleece you dont have to.
  • Fold the arm bit and sew together as shown in the pattern
  • Now for the tricky bit, adding the thumb piece to the arm piece. There is a way of doing this that makes it very comfortable but I havent figured out how yet to be honest... It has to do with the angle of the thumb piece. I would suggest you try it out for yourself as I normally just sew it in and after wearing the arm warmer for a bit they kind of tend to mould to my arms anyway. So pin the thumb piece onto the arm piece and stitch together. This can be tricky as this piece is tiny.
  • To finish, hem both the top and the bottom of the arm warmer and you're all done :)
I made two so far, one pair in dark green fleece (ignore the fingers pls, I just came out of bed when I took this and had to work on the contrast to show the colour of the fleece properly).

The other pair is Halloween themed and has a black and orange candy cane pattern on it. My favourite so far :)

I'm planning on making some for my sister in blue so when I do, I will post a proper tutorial... I hope this one wasnt too bad...


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