Purple Rosette Top

I finally have some time to work on some of the projects that have been lying around for months now... As the winter months approach (and it's already getting mighty cold here in London), I gathered a few knits that had faults and wanted to 'pimp' them. At last, today I finished one of them. I took a tight knit purple sweater that I had stopped wearing as the sleeves had stretched too much, and a dark purple cotton sweater that I had once ripped for a zombie event.

I cut the sleeves off the sweater, turning it into one of those vest type things (thing Lorelai Gilmore). Then I cut strips out of the cotton sweater and made rosettes according to these instructions and sewed those on. Sorry I didnt take step by step pics but I'd never get this done otherwise! LOL

Of course I also dont have before pics of either of the sweaters, see this is how organised I am at the moment... argh! But this is the end result:

As you can see, this top is really fitted and placing the flowers was a little tricky as I really wanted to have one big bunch of flowers on one side.

Closeup of the flowers. The flash totally washed out the colours so this was the best I could do, but I'm really pleased with it :) I'm also making some more to make a matching hair accessory (of course haha) but these things take a while and I have so much more items to work on! Pfff... I need another holiday I think ;) Do you like this too? I'm normally not the flowery type but for work this will be quite classy I think (hope). What do you think?


  1. Wow - it's gorgeous. I really like it. It IS very classy and perfect for the holidays. Theresa

  2. Very,very pretty. Its in my favorite color too! My hat is off to you! I have become a follower of your site!


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