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Hello everyone!
It's been a while... I know! And I had so many things planned and so many things to blog about that of course I managed to do nothing and have forgotten most of my ideas by now. Typical... BUT this weekend things finally turned around and the sewing machine came out for the first time in a good few weeks :) Christmas is nearing and as much as I love the vacation part of this holiday, the present stress is something I would rather avoid. Of course I love to give my loved ones presents, although I do that all year round, but this whole 'have to' business is not for me. So I told myself that this year I would be prepared and only have minimal (if at all) purchases to make in December. And guess what?? I've done it! I'm as good as finished with my Christmas shopping/making etc. All the Christmas deco is unpacked and 'pimped' as needed, most of the presents are finished (apart from a couple for the bf), and the last box will go in the post tomorrow for family overseas. No more December Christmas rush for me! Westfield in December together with half of London? No way! Being run over by mad shoppers with gigantic bags on Oxford Street? Not me! Ok, I gather that everyone is trying to save the VAT bit but they can go really mental here... (for anyone not in the UK, they're increasing the tax by 2.5% in January for all shopping). So: I'm done. Yay! *falls exhausted onto sofa* We were supposed to go away yday to Dragonmeet, the ultimate nerdy gaming day, but one of our friends got a stomach bug so we got to stay home and I could finish my stuff. Want to know what I did this weekend? Well, I need to prepare the posts, but let me give you a few hints... It has to do with this:

And this:

Wondering how this fits all together? Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Oh no! With all these presents I forgot to start my Advent Calendar!! I have the contents but not the actual calender.... It will be a busy few days trying to get that sorted...


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