Sweet & Spicy Pumpkin Seeds

Carving pumpkins takes FOREVER.... Because not only do I carve the pumpkins with more than just faces, I also use the flesh to make soup and pies, and the seeds to make sweet & spicey pumpkin seeds for friends and coworkers.

Imagine me carving a pumpkin... or hollowing out I should say... Actually, forget imagining, I found some old pics from years back...

Start with a pumpkin and two bowls. This was the bf's first (and only!) attempt to carve a pumpkin and he has given up since... Hihi, check out the massive knife! I wouldnt let him use my carving knife as someone had already broken one and I was afraid I would have none left! Ah the old days of ignorance... ;)

Scoop everything out of the pumpkin, dividing flesh and seeds into the different bowls. Kind of like Cinderella LOL. Now where is my glass slipper? ;)

And voila, in the end you will have two bowls with goodies and a lovely pumpkin to boot. Not bad for his first attempt!

The meat you can cook and freeze to use later, something I have to do as they dont sell canned pumpkin over here and otherwise I would never be able to eat it! The seeds you use according to the below recipe:

I got this years ago (2002 I think?) off the internet and never saved the website so I have no idea who to credit... It is by far the best recipe ever! I use the sweet & spicy instructions halfway down the page. I dont have any pics of the seeds I made as they disappeared way to quick! Last year I brought some to work and my coworkers actually stole the container and gave it back empty! LOL Well at least they liked them :)

So enjoy, it might be after Halloween but some of you may still be able to use it :)


  1. This is why my hubby is always in charge of the carving and scooping! LOL However, he does love those seeds. Theresa


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