CSN Giveaway Coming Soon!

Hello again everyone!
You are not going to believe it but I am going to host a giveaway!! Even though I havent even reached a hundred followers yet, I did post nearly 150 posts (can you post a post? LOL) which I think merits this :)

I'm sure you've all heard of CSN Stores as I've seen some giveaways fly by the last few weeks, but just in case you dont know who they are, they're this fantastic online store where you can buy all you need for your house, from baking equipment to chest of drawers. I love their range and I am so pleased that I can host this giveaway, especially since it is my first ever :)

I still need to work out how to set up the system exactly and how to choose a winner but I'll get there :) Hopefully by the weekend I'll have something set up. And the good thing is that this giveaway will beopen to both my UK and my US readers :) Such lovely people at CSN :) And they didnt even get annoyed when it took me weeks to get back to them, with the Halloween stress etc driving me slowly insane hihi...

Luckily I am off next week as the bf and I could only have this week to have some time off together so I will have lots of time to sort this out. So keep your eyes peeled and watch this space!

Now fr some creativity before bed...


  1. Congratulations! I know what the first time feels like!


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