Saturday, 13 November 2010

CSN Stores Giveaway Winner!

Good morning everyone!
I totally forgot to pick the winner last night as I was trying to get my comments to be numbered which actually worked thanks to this excellent tutorial, so this morning I jumped out of bed and worked out how to use So without further ado, the winner is:
Comment number nine which was:

Sunny from Life in Rehab!

Congratulations Sunny, it seems that luck it with you this week! LOL. I'll let CSN know so that they can send you the voucher asap. Let me know what you end up buying :)

To everyone else: thank you so much for entering this giveaway, it has been a lot of fun :) So much even that I am thinking of having one giveaway a week until Christmas, how cool would that be! Now that I've worked out how to do this, I think it's a great idea!

Ok, must get ready and actually leave the house and do some much needed shopping in the Saturday crowds... yay... But tonight I'm sure I have some more craftiness to post!


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