Teacup Pincushion

Hello again everyone!
Oh no, it's Friday! The last day of my holidays!! And of course I stayed home the whole week and did not take advantage of the crowdless shops during work hours, but preferred to stay dry and warm rather than being outside in the awful weather we're having. So time to do some crafting :)

Do you remember this teacup I bought a few months ago during my thrift shopping spree?

I bought it to make a pincushion for a friend. See, we were in Liberty's a while back and I saw that they were selling teacup pincushions for like £27!!! Thats about $45 for anyone not living in the UK. Now that is a LOT! Granted, their cups were better looking than mine but mine definitely has the cute factor :)

So I added some baby blue felt to match the bows on the cup and bought some pearl white sewing pins as well to completely the look. I even got a pretty teaspoon and glued that on it as well :) I did consider brownish felt to give the coffee look but all it did was make it look awful and old, so the blue is better. The pins were a good idea as my friend is very practical and owns only normal pins. As I love the coloured ones, I thought she needed some pretty pins also :) The result? Here it is!

I glued the cup onto the plate with Mod Podge, which works much better than my gluegun for this type of things :) I glued the spoon onto the plate as well.

Dont you just love it? I know I do! All I need now is to find some sort of witchy teacup and make one for myself also :) Now let's hope my friend doesnt read this before I have a chance to give this to her...

On a final note: just a quick reminder that my CSN giveaway ends at midnight tonight UK time so if you still want to enter, hurry up! *yawn* back to my sofa now... Holidays can make you so sleepy! LOL


  1. This is adorable! You did a great job with it. I agree that the blue makes it really pop. Theresa

  2. what a great idea. This is something I will actually try. Thanx, now I have to go find an old tea cup!

  3. So cute! I love it! This would make a great gift for my mom as she loves to collect dishes and she sews!

  4. Hello! I found you through Weekend Wander. This is TOO CUTE! I submitted a teacup topiary...great minds think alike!


  5. What an amazing idea! Makes me eager to go see what I can find at the thrift store to turn into pin cushions!

  6. This is adorable! I love this idea! : )

  7. I can not tell you how cute and creative this is! Love it!

  8. Brown fabric would have looked cute as coffee or tea. I am going to try this!!! THANK YOU FOR THE CUTE IDEA!!!

  9. How sweet and clever. Thanks for sharing!


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