Mending Week - Jeans Skirt

Day two of Mending Week. Remember the jeans skirt from my 'One Jeans, Two Outfits' post way back when? Well, I never actually wore it as the elastic was never really right and I always felt there was something missing.

This was the skirt. Cute but no cigar. It needed something... I know, it needed a flower!

So after fixing the elastic properly and adding the flower, it fit much better and looked even cuter :) I need to put it on over my head but that shouldnt spoil the fun. Check it out:

I dont know about you, but I suddenly like it much better and may even wear it to work on Friday! Dont mind the picture btw, the bf was away and I had to use the self timer...

Anyway, another item fixed, this is going well so far :)Mind you, I have a very large bag of items to get through...


  1. I just caught sight of this previous post when I was leaving a comment just before, then it disappeared after I commented and I couldn't find it again then there it is showing up on my linky!! Thank you!!
    This skirt is brilliant! I'm off now to check out what the other outfit is that you made from those jeans!
    Thanks for linking this too!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. I like the addition of the flower. I have tons of jeans with holes in the knees. Maybe I need to make them into skirts...

  3. This is a great refashion! I like the border around the skirt and the flower finishes it off well!!!

  4. This is awesome, you have great talent!


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