Twin Baby Clothes - Part 3

The third and final part of my present to my friend who will be giving birth to twins very soon :) This part of the present arent technically clothes (ok, not at all) but I wanted to keep the post organised.

My inspiration for this came from this post about Eli the Elephant at the Little Birdie Blog. At first, I didnt want to make any stuffed animal or anything as I was sure that they would get stuff like that from everyone. But as I read through the blog post, I was inspired not by Eli the Elephant, but by a die which she also made and happened to be in the picture.

(photo by Little Birdie Baby, hope you dont mind!)
See the die on the top left hand side? That's the one :)

This whole package was a lovely idea but I really wanted to only make the dice. After all, I needed two :) Remember the cupcake bathrobe? LOL after all that promoting you probably will. I had a ton of this lovely blue fleece leftover from my old bathrobe which would be perfect for this project. So I washed it carefull and chose the best pieces (sounds like selecting dinner really). My friend had already decided on the names so I really wanted to incorporate those in this as well. So I made the dice and sewed on each one letter of their name in two different colours of felt. As both their names have 5 letters and a die has 6 sides, I added a star on the final side. I then stuffed them with all the fleece cutoffs of both the bathrobe and my new fleece jacket (still needs some work so not yet shared). I am so pleased with the result:

I thought of adding a bell to make it noisy but I had to pack it quite tight to get the right shape so the noise wouldnt have been clear. I took the pic of the red one showing the handstitched bit so it looks a little wobbly but it's straight really :) Arent they the cutest!!! I'm not sure if my friend wants to share the names yet or who reads this so I wont tell you what they are, but the dice defnitely were a hit :)

So all in all she received 6 onesies, 2 pairs of pants/trousers, and 2 cuddly dice. Not a bad present if I say so myself :) Now I need to go back to sewing grown-up clothes until the next baby news...


  1. How cute!! What a great idea to put the letters and shapes on the side. :) Your friend is so lucky to have a sweet friend like you who cares so much to gift handmade!!

  2. A great present! I love them so much! I'm following from the Boost my Blog hop. Come visit me back!

    Michelle @ Things Sent My Way

  3. Love the dice! And I love that you're getting so much use out of your cupcake fabric! Great gift for your friend!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  4. Hi, I am the twin mum talked about here and wanted to say again how great the present was! My boys looked very smart especially in the tie onsies. We used them for about 11-12 weeks so got maximum use out of them. The boys grew out of the trousers more quickly but they loved them while they fitted. The dice are great as they are soft and the babies cannot hurt themselves when they tumble over at play time. One of the best pressies. Thanks again, MJ, you're a star!


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