Mending Week - Ruffle Top

Well, the rosette mentioned in yesterday's post will have to wait. Let's mend some more first rather than start something new. After all, this bag needs to become empty (or emptier at least)

One the same thrift shopping day as mentioned yesterday, I also bought this:

Yes, o£1 again and totally cute :)

Or so I thought... I actually did wear this to work once or twice and people asked me if I had made this myself . Not sure if that was a compliment really... I love the neckline but wasnt a bit fam of the sleeves. They were too ruffly as they actually stood away from the sleeve most of the time, making me look like some sort of winged creature, and not in a good way. So the sleeves had to go, at least partially.

I cut off the ruffles and added some of that ruffling elastic thread (cant think of the name right now). They didnt work out quite as fuffy and princessy as I wanted them to be but all in all this is better than the ruffle sleeves. And yes, this is the same top, though the pic is def not one of my best LOL.

Whoohoo, another item done!


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