Mending Week - Flower Skirt

During one of my thrift shopping trips, I came across this dress:

I thought it would be really cute for summer, but alas the top bit was so low that it nearly ended on my belly button. Not something to wear in public. As this was only £1 at the time and I liked the fabric, I figured I would do something with it sooner or later. And now I have!

All I did was cut up the top, hem it, add some elastic, and voila: my new summer skirt:

I love it now :) I actually had to tighten the elastic a bit after making it a little too wide at first, but it fits really nicely and it's very cheerful for summer. Mmm, I might go mini this year :)

I still have the remainder of the fabric left, maybe I will make a head band or so for it? Definitely not a flower again at least hihi! Oooh maybe one of those spin rosettes that everyone seems to be made now :) Watch this space!


  1. I think I like it better as a skirt? Thank you for linking up to Ucycled Awesome at

  2. totally cute! great job and so much better than just getting rid of the dress. Thanks so much for linking up:)

    xoxoxo Hanna

  3. Another great refashion!!! It looks fabulous as a skirt!!!


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