1980s Outfit

Hello again everyone!
It has been the busiest weekend... but let's start at the beginning :) It was the time of my work's Christmas party again, and this year's theme was The Eighties. Some of you may remember that last year it was the 1920s and it was very elegant. Let me tell you, however much I loved the 80s, the word elegant does not come to mind... I didn't want to spend too much money on this outfit so the same as last year I set myself a maximum of £10. I didnt have enough time to sew something so it would be a bit more tricky than expected and I did go over budget a tiny bit, but I LOVE what I came up with! I don't have separate pictures of the items but check it out:

I was quite young in the 80s so I had to get something I could relate to. Yes the hair was a must! I actually wore my hair like this (no pics will be posted here LOL). I had a braid in all day to give it some oopmh but by the time we had reached the venue it was all deflated. Oh well, that's what you get for not bringing hairspray! I found a Care Bears tshirt for a fiver which was perfect for this party, and I still had the skirt from the Angel sale. I found neon pink leg warmers at the 99p Store (I had given my old ones to charity of course), and my friend lent me some green tights. There is actually another layer over these but it's hard to see, over the green there are neon orange fishnets, so cool! The elastic belt I had found in the last minute at the B&B sale. I think I rather looked the part don't you think? :)

Of course a severe amount of bling was needed also. I have really tiny hands so I can shop in the childrens section! Check out these cute gloves I found and these bracelets. The neon ones are from Amazon but the other ones are from Primark (where else to go for cheap stuff like this?) and I even painted my nails 80s style. 

At the party they were even handing out 80s sweets! I tried to keep this but I lost it somewhere as it didnt fit into my teeny tiny handbag. Oh well...

TBH, not everyone got this but some of the girls were dancing in a circle and I put my handbag in the middle. Do you get it? I may not have been old enough for disco-ing in the 80s but I know that all the girls always danced around their handbags. It was just too funny!

So yes, I thought I really looked the part. At least I brought back a lot of memories for some of my colleagues when they saw me LOL. Oh yes, I also had big earrings but the hair is hiding them. I do think I thought of everything! I knew the 80s were fun, if maybe a little too colourful... ;)


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