Christmassing - Harrods Christmas Display 2013

Hello again, I'm back with the follow up on yesterday's post. 
After Winder Wonderland, I met up with a friend so see the Harrods Christmas windows. This is also something that has turned into somewhat of a tradition and this is the third year I'm doing this. They were a little disappointing this year I thought, but let me share them with you anyway:

Let's visit the Harrods Christmas Express! This year's windows were apparently inspired by the British steam train.

With very shiny staff...

This was my favourite display, very 20s with that hair!

Love the background also

Not as amazing as usual I have to say...

Check out the sign in the back, really gives the train impression :)

It is said that one dress was worth GBP 80K and dripping in Swarovski crystals by Ralph & Russo. I think it's this one but I can;t be sure, no one will tell me!

 But it sure sparkles... 

Lots of tableware in the next carriage...

Gorgeous dress here also

...and another one!

Loved this kimono as well, this would definitely make a splashing entrance.

There were not as many windows this year, only the one side, but the other side still had accessories.

I'm glad I went though, after all, it is tradition! LOL. I really need to put up my tree soon as well I think...


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