Christmassing - More Christmas Stockings

Hi everyone!
Yes, this is a backdated post, I waited a whole year with posting this and I actually forgot to blog about it at Christmas time!! I had also planned a giveaway but I guess that will also have to wait until next Christmas then... oops!

Anyway, I made some really cool Christmas stockings last year, and I had so much fun that I made some more just in case. Plus one of my friends saw them and really wanted one as well so I was making more anyway. Let me show you the result of the three more that I made:

This is the one I made for my friend who requested one. She is a very cheerful person so I chose some bright and colourful fabrics for her. 

I chose yellow for the inside which really matched the red and pulled it all together.

I bought this Christmas cupcake fabric especially for the red stocking for my friend, and since I still had some left, I also used it for this one. The green and gold is just so Christmassy! A bit more classic than the red one, but with a fun twist.

I still had the blue lining from the amended stocking so this really made this combination work.

 I liked the green and gold with cupcake combination so much, I made another version of the stocking, this time the other way around.

I used a cream coloured fabric for the lining as it would get too dark otherwise. The polka dots on the ribbon are perfect as the cupcake fabric also had polka dots. This one is a fun stocking with classic Christmas mixed in :) Don't tell her yet, but my best friend in London will be getting this one!

I actually went a little crazy at Joann's and bought a ton of Christmas fabric. But I can't make stockings for the whole world? Especially as it's not my pattern, it's from FabricWorm as link in the original post. But I managed to throw away my advent calendar so the Christmas project for next year is to make a new calendar. Fingers crossed this will actually happen ;)

I gave my friend her stocking and she loved it!

 We had dinner and exchanged gifts, it was great fun!

Look at the very cool present I got, she clearly knows me too well ;)


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