Christmassing - London Winter Wonderland

Hello again!
I am getting so much into the Christmas spirit this year! Must be because I kind of didn't really celebrate Halloween so now I have celebrations to make up for ;) I still had some time leftover so I took the afternoon off to go shopping and visit Winter Wonderland. In the end I didn't actually make it into any shop as I just had too much fun (and it was so much better than many years ago when I had to queue for an hour for some mulled wine, now there was food everywhere!)

I managed to get a pic of the Piccadilly Circus turned into a snowglobe, it's not an area I go to very often . It even has snow inside it!

Arrival at Winter Wonderland, oh the excitement!

It did not disappoint, everywhere I looked were these woodcarvings, so very well made!

 Santa Claus statues too of course

Traditional Lebkuchen hearts, I even found one for the bf (much to his shock as he really doesnt like them, but it's tradition!)

Gee, you think there are enough pubs here?

Traditional carousel too of course, I even managed to get a bit of a artsy picture (or so I think)

They had candied hazelnuts! My favourites! Must have a bag of course... 

Lovely lamps for sale... 

Even the staff were having a good time LOL

I have no idea what these are called but this was a giant sized one! It had a pub inside of course

 Fairy wishing well...

 And there was also a haunted house where I found a new friend hihi. Told ya I needed some more Halloween ;)

There were tons of lollipop shops too

And everything was just so Christmassy :)

So I ate some yummy things and had a blast. Didn't go into any rides sadly enough but maybe next year. I still had to visit the Harrods windows! But let me tell you all about that tomorrow.


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