Fabulising February - Elegant Drawstring Bag

Hi everyone!
And so fabulising February continues! :) 
A few years ago, my friend gave me a purple top as a present. The top was lovely but the material was just... well, let's just say it was not for me. As it was a present, I didn't want to give it to charity, so I made this cute little drawstring bag out of it :) The print was lovely and quite elegant I think so this project was perfect for it! Sadly I didn't photograph the top before I cut it up, but you can kind of get the idea from the final result.For this bag, I used the front print of the top and also a bit of the sleeves.

I cut out the front main print, and a matching rectangular piece from the back and sewed it together.

I used the sleeve design to create the ribbon casing for the bag closure. I just had to slide it over the bag and sew it up as it was the perfect loop for this project.

I then added a wide purple ribbon through the casing and voila! The baggie is done :) I didn't singe the edge of the ribbon as I wanted this zigzag cut and unfortunately you can see the sealant way too much, but I might still adjust that later.

I can now carry my small projects through town in this elegant drawstring bag :) I've already put in some wool to test it here.

Another fabulous project done! :) Stay tuned for more!


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