Fabulising February - Swimming Towel

Hello again everyone!
It's been a few days... I was visiting family and then I got this really annoying cold so I haven't sewn a lot these past few days. I did make a quick and easy project in finally having a swimming towel :)

Some of you may remember that I made a wet bag last June for my swim suit. At the time I added a shower curtain on the inside as per the blogland recommendations. NOT a great idea... it still leaked through! 

This was the wet bag in question. I still love the print :)

So I took the bag apart again, removed the shower curtain and just sewed in a normal plastic bag. One of the shop ones, not the supermarket ones. And now it's so much better! Plus it meant that the bag is now smooth and not as bubbly as shown in the picture. It still meant I was dragging along my very boring towel though... it's only a small little thing, but it's not like I need a beach towel in the pool really. I still had some of this mermaid fabric left, so I just added some strips to the towel as a border on each side, and it matched :)

Check it out! I was never a fan of this towel, but now that it matches the bag, I feel very stylish.

This was made before I fixed my sewing machine so the stitching is not great, but it's only for me so I don't mind too much. I also made a cute little pouch out of some leftover vinyl to carry my coins for the locker. Originally I wanted to use the fabric for this as well, but at least now I can see how many I have left. I don't quite know why I chose to stitch the coin purse with purple thread, but I did add a blue button so it matched the rest of the lot. 

I have another swimming project to share with you guys but it will have to wait until next month as it's not a fabulising one. I hope to be rid of my cold soon so I can finish the rest of this month's projects!


  1. Cute bag - and I love how you made the towel match! What a great idea. Hope you get over your cold soon!


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